The BEF supports the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code, highlighting the importance of an effective sun policy

The British Equestrian Federation is again supporting the Melanoma Fund which has launched its Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code, the only sun protection initiative for children in sport and outdoor activity. The BEF joins over 100 national governing bodies of sport and major outdoor organisations to actively support the campaign and ensure sun protection has a vital place in safeguarding. 

Skin cancer is the UK's most common and fastest growing cancer. The aim of the initiative is to decrease the incidence of sunburn, which is proven to increase the risk of melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, by 50%. The campaign offers a set of guidelines in the form of the 'OK Code', using the campaign's five key actions:

PREPARE:  Ensure that everyone arrives ready for a day in the sun

PROTECT: Use clothing, hats/sunglasses and sunscreen (SPF30+) reapplied at breaks

SHADE:  Avoid direct sunlight during lunch or whilst spectating others

HYDRATE: Ensure water is always available

LEAD BY EXAMPLE:  Inspire children with your own actions

The Melanoma fund believe that all children deserve the right to grow up without the threat of melanoma or skin cancer, and this is something you can impact on.  Julia Newton-Bishop, Professor of Dermatology at the University of Leeds says; “Children’s skin is more sensitive than adults and DNA damage can be caused by repeated overexposure to UV light.  Although sun exposure is important for health – it is how we make vitamin D – sunburn increases our risk of skin cancer so ensure they’re protected, especially when out for prolonged periods, and educated on the risks by adults who lead by example.”

For more information, visit where you can sign up to the campaign and help fight sunburn this summer. To find out more about the Melanoma Fund, visit

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