Statement regarding classification at Royal Windsor Horse Show 2020

Statement from The British Equestrian Federation with regard to the Jumping Classification at Royal Windsor Horse Show 2020

Due to an administrative error at the British Equestrian Federation (BEF), the 5* application in respect of Royal Windsor Horse Show 2020 was missed being submitted to the Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI) before its September 2018 5* calendar deadline.

When the BEF identified the error it made a late submission to the FEI for 5* consideration. However, it is with enormous regret that we announce this was rejected by the two show organisers, who are also running top-level shows on the same date (La Baule and Madrid)

As a result, a further submission was put forward with both a 3* and 4* classification being approved for Royal Windsor Horse Show between 13- 17 May 2020.  Future dates have also been submitted for 5* consideration between 2021-2026.

The BEF is deeply sorry for its error and has put new processes in place to ensure it will not happen again. 

The BEF has been in discussions with Show Director of Royal Windsor Horse Show, Simon Brooks-Ward, since the issue came to light, and the entire BEF Board offers its extreme regret and apologies for its error, which it is well aware will have a significant impact on both Royal Windsor Horse Show and the sport as a whole. 

The BEF Board would also like to publicly acknowledge and thank Simon Brooks-Ward for his professionalism and pragmatic approach to finding the best solution going forward.


For further enquiries please contact BEF Head of Communications Matt Williams / 07595 763 908

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