How Horse Owners Can Prepare For No Deal Brexit
There will be significant changes to the way that equines are moved to the EU and owners should prepare now for a potential No Deal.
Latest BEF update after more positive Equine Flu tests 18/02/19
BEF warns against unvaccinated horses mixing; some venues now introducing extra precautionary measures
Friday Update on Equine Flu 15.02.19
More positive Equine Flu tests; BEF urges organisers to check attending horses' vaccination records
Thursday Update On Equine Flu Outbreak
More positive tests; Owners should check with venues as some require horses to be vaccinated in the last 6 months.
More Cases Of Equine Flu - BEF Responds
BEF urges continued vigilance; Owners should isolate recently imported horses
BEF Responds To Resumption Of Racing
BEF urges continued vigilance and strongly recommends owners check vaccinations are up to date
Equine Flu Update - 11.02.19
Latest From BEF
Latest BEF Advice - Equine Flu 11/02/19
BEF Urges Continued Vigilance
Further Update From BEF On Equine Flu
Advice from our veterinary experts remains that it is not necessary to cancel other equine events.
BEF Advice After Equine Flu Outbreak
Owners Urged To Follow Guidelines To Avoid Spread Of Equine Flu
Updated Statement on Equine Flu Outbreak
BEF continues to monitor the situation
Medal Re-Allocation From 2018 Young Rider European Championships
Harry Charles has been disqualified from the 2018 Young Rider European Championships. He loses his individual gold medal and Great Britain drop to Tea...